The Blacks

The Blacks




Classic, Ivory, and Austin Fields Signature Black


Classic Black: The foundation.

Empire Inks Classic Black was formulated as a cooler black, contrasting well with warm skin tones while maintaining a medium viscosity.

Classic black is good all-around, heavier black. This black can be used for lining, packing and shading.

Ivory Black: Our darkest black.

Ivory Black is Empire's darkest black. Expect a clean and even darker representation of our classic black formula ideal for packing black with excellent saturation. Ivory Black's smooth consistent blend maintains a medium viscosity and contrasts well with warm skin tones.

We do not recommended using Ivory Black for lining. Ivory black should be used in the darkest portion of the tattoo. Ivory Black is intended for areas with a complete lack of light or anything for your darkest solid black.

Austin Fields: Signature Black.

This neutral black is the go-to for Austin Fields, of Black Fern Tattoo in Cincinnati, and features his own artwork. Austin's black was formulated to match his blackwork style and had been tested by Empire Inks Studio artists for months before we had the black we wanted to get the job done. 


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