Empire Inks Presents: Two Men and an Eggplant

Empire Inks Presents: Two Men and an Eggplant



Empire Inks Presents

Two Men and an Eggplant: Seminar by Colt Brown, Michael Perry and Owen Paulls

January 10-12
Presented by
Colt Brown, Michael Perry and Owen Paulls
*Artists must be pre-approved before any tickets can be purchased. For approval requests, contact us directly at info@empireinks.com


Sanctuary Tattoo Gallery
1112 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI 54302

Materials Needed

Power Supply, Machine


To learn the full process involved with being at a higher level.


We start off our student teacher program with a 3 day workshop, featuring Owen Paulls, Michael Perry and Colt Brown.
Owen and Michael will walk you through their entire process as they collaborate on a tattoo.
Colt will talk about incorporating photography into your process. There will be demonstrations on creating an original reference and how to photograph fresh tattoos.
The third day you will have the opportunity to tattoo under the coaching of Michael and Owen on synthetic skin with the option to bring a client (pending approval). Participating students must be approved and Wisconsin Licensed.

Must be pre-approved and licensed to tattoo the third day.


Artist Links:

Colt Brown - www.empireinks.com / www.tiimelesstattoos.com / www.instagram.com/fineartfirst
Owen Paulls - www.blackanchorworldwide.com / www.instagram.com/owenpaulls
Michael Perry - www.sanctuarytattoogallery.com / www.instagram.com/michaelperryart