The most important quality we look for in sponsoring an artist is their potential and desire to better themselves in their art. We want to build a company based around our artists instead of the product. Our goal is to actually listen to our clients and have them help us formulate the best tattoo ink on the market. Tattoo ink companies know that the more artists they sponsor the more money they will make. This leads an oversaturated amount of “sponsored artists” and cheapens the value of the entire concept. We believe that being sponsored should hold a higher value than a marketing ploy. Because of this we decided to create a different format for sponsorship. Teachers and students.

Colt Brown

Colt's Timeless Tattoos - Appleton, WI

Matthew Phillips

Empire Inks Studio - Appleton, WI

Trent Valleau

Devotion Tattoo Studio - Austin, Texas

David Vega

Devotion Tattoo Studio - Austin, TX

Erick Holguin

The Tattoo Dojo - Roswell, GA

Quin Hernandez

Private Studio Artist - Texarkana, Texas

Brandon Albus

Dark Age Tattoo Studio - Denton, Texas

Wil Hilderbrand

Impulse Ink - Acworth, GA

Austin Fields

Cincinnati, Ohio

Shay Bredimus

Outer Limits Tattoo - Long Beach, California.

Brandon Albus

Dark Age Tattoo Studio - Denton, Texas

Spooks Joya

Pride N Envy Tattoos - Kissimmee, FL

Brian Zolotas

Inkfatuation Tattoo - Port Heueneme, CA

Owen Paulls

Traveling Artist - London, UK

Michael Perry

Sanctuary Tattoo Gallery - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jhon Gutti

Outer Limits Tattoo - Long Beach, CA

Jorge Lopez

Empire Inks Studio - Appleton, WI

Harrison Daniel

Emerald Ink - Perth, Western Australia

Daniel Rodriguez

Dallas, Texas

Kasey Gonzales

Pinz and Needlez Tattoo Studio - Edgewood, Maryland

Corey Popp


Tommy Kirschbaum

MidWest Tattooers - Marshfield, Wisconsin

Allan Bracknell

Grade A Tattoos - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Josh Sara

Timeless Culture - Burleigh, Queensland

Tripps Kahai

Eclectic Flesh Tattoos - Honolulu, Hawaii

Angel Bustos

Angelstat2 Studio

Kristal Tarron

TNT Tattoo Company

Nick Fierro

Alchemy Body Arts - North Bellmore, New York

Brandon Evans

Revolution Ink Tattoo Studio - Pelham, Alabama

Tony Thai

Toxic Monkey Tattoo - Tulsa, Oklahoma

David Gluck

Duncan, British Columbia

Gabriel Londis

Drawing Dead Art - Grants Pass, Oregon


Black Sparrow Tattoo - San Clemente, California.

El Mono

El Mono de Tinta - Seville, Spain

Erik Lockaby

9th Island Tattoo - Las Vegas, Nevada

Jen Umlauf

Sevens Tattoo - Appleton, Wisconsin

Cecilia Baldoni

Street Dogs Tattoo & Mods - San Severino Marche, Italy

Alfonzo Cortez

Revolution Tattoo Studio - Austin, Texas

Reed Gaechter

High Priestess Tattoo - Eugene, Oregon

Lefty Colbert

Infamous Ink - Waco, Texas

Brian Mahovetz

Rorschach Gallery - Edison, New Jersey

Phillip Wolves

Stroke of Genius Tattoo - Boca Raton, Florida

Char McGaughy

Gold Dust Tattoos - Dallas, Texas

Lui Renzo

Rorschach Gallery - Edison, New Jersey

Michael Sarmiento

Living Legacy Tattoos, West Palm Beach

Dustin Swinks

Memorial Tattoo - Atlanta, Georgia

Kirbys Delgado

Vasterorts Black - Stockholm, Sweden

Fernando Simon

Silver Compass Tattoo - Austin, Texas

Mike DuBois

Traveling Tattooer - Chicago / Iowa

Danny Tarron

TNT Tattoo Company

Dan Reese

Inksters Tattoo Studio - Fayetteville, Arkansas

Michael Blais

Cardinal Tattoo - Newington, Connecticut

Brian Stephens

Dapper Ink Tattoo - El Paso, Texas

AJ Tenorio

Local Boy Tatau - Vancouver, Washington

Mike Diaz

Sunken City Ink - Lubbock, Texas

Vern Kittler

Greenseed Studios

Cory James

Lost Edge Tattoo - Austin, Texas

Chrissy Lee

Colchester Body Arts

Gareth Watson

Sacred Black Tattoo - Peterborough, UK

Leland Gomez

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Star Kealoha

Urbans Tattoo Studio - Arlington, Texas

Billyjack Gunter

Artistic Encounter Tattoo - Dallas, Texas

Paul Tochluk

The Abyss Fine Art Studio - Long Beach, New York

Andrew Black

Ace Custom Tattoo - Charlotte, North Carolina

Ryan Mireau

Main Street Electric Tattoo - Marinette, Wisconsin

Craig Bartlett

Embellished Ink, Dorset

Miguel Palomino

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rob Taylor

Signature Series Tattoo - Louisville. Kentucky

Ariel Galang

A tattoo shop - Pinellas Park, Florida

Bobby Cupparo

Inklogy Art Gallery - Manhattan, New York

Aaron Hopman

Hamilton Tattoo Parlor

Gianluca Martucci

Archaic Sounds and Spells - Italy

Stacey Dickson

Currently Traveling

Are you interested in being a part of the Empire Inks Sponsored Artist Team?

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